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Volunteer Opportunities & Ranch Tours

You are welcome to visit Lucky Glider Ranch   Many of you have been asking about what kind of volunteer work you can do here at Lucky Glider Ranch. In addition, there have been many ranch tours over the past decade that have gone far to establish community outreach and lots of fun. Some highlights:… Continue reading Volunteer Opportunities & Ranch Tours

Maria the Doe

SPONSOR MARIA Maria was born in October of 2009 so she is getting up there in age for a goat. She is a beautiful Nubian with great coloring and disposition. She came to Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary along with two eight-month-old offspring (Rufus and Mandy) in October of 2011.   Maria and her brood… Continue reading Maria the Doe

Sheba the Doe

SPONSOR SHEBA Sheba is a very special goat here at Lucky Glider Ranch. She was born in January of 2010. She is three-quarters Nigerian Dwarf and one-quarter Nubian. Her two offspring are Saul (La Mancha father), and Sydney (Nigerian father). Her boys rarely leave her side and when it’s time to sleep they all curl… Continue reading Sheba the Doe

Priscilla the Ewe

SPONSOR PRISCILLA Priscilla is one of our friendly sheep. She came to us less than a year old in 2010 but had some trouble in loading into her trailer and broke one of her front hooves. She required a lot of special care in dressing and antibiotic salves on that hoof for about six months.… Continue reading Priscilla the Ewe

Pauline the Ewe

Pauline is one of our Dorper mix ewes. She was born in July of 2012 in the Texoma area and participated in the grand relocation of the sanctuary to Bosque county.   Pauline has no offspring as all of the Rams were whether shortly after her arrival. Her mother Patsy is no longer with us,… Continue reading Pauline the Ewe

Mocha the Jenny

SPONSOR MOCHA Mocha is one of our beautiful Jennys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Along with Jules, her brother, this donkey was abandoned on a farm in the Texoma area close to the Oklahoma border in late 2013. She and her sibling were yearlings at the time so she’s about six years old as of… Continue reading Mocha the Jenny

Jules the Gelding

SPONSOR JULES Jules is one of our gregarious donkeys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Jules was abandoned on a farm in Northern Texas along with his sister Mocha who is also here at the sanctuary. He and his sister were yearlings when some neighbors rescued them in late 2013, so he’s about six years old… Continue reading Jules the Gelding

CowGirl the Mare

SPONSOR COWGIRL CowGirl is one of our beautiful sanctuary animals here at Lucky Glider Ranch. She was brought here by one of our veterinary assistants after buying a piece of property that had horses on it. This horse is one of the most gentle and easy to handle animals on the ranch. CowGirl is about… Continue reading CowGirl the Mare

Herschel the Gelding

Zeus the Gelding

SPONSOR ZEUS Zeus is one of larger male donkeys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Zeus is one of our “American Mammoth” sized donkeys and he is the most rambunctious of the lot. He is father to Kharma and we think also Herschel and he loves to hang out with Kharma out of all the other… Continue reading Zeus the Gelding