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SPECIAL NOTICE: Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary DOES NOT solicit donations over the phone. If someone is calling asking you to donate, it is a scam. Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary DOES NOT sell animals in malls, flea markets or other retail outlets. Anyone identifying themselves as representing LGRS if they call you on the phone or try to sell you something is a scammer. Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary (LGRS) is a non-profit exotic animal rescue dedicated to the health and protection of sugar gliders. LGRS is a 501(c)3 public charity, which also provides community outreach in the form of educational programs.

To see photos, download files and meet other suggie lovers, visit our meetup site:

Learn more about gliders and take the glider quiz at SuggieSavers:

We operate entirely on donations and the kindness of volunteers who visit the rescue to help with cleaning cages, food preparation, record keeping and animal interaction. We believe in neutering animals to stop the runaway epidemic of unwanted pets. You can make a tax-deductable donation to Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary, by clicking on the "DONATE" PayPal icon below.

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